Erbitux® (Cetuximab, ImClone Systems and Vectibix® (Panitumumab, Amgen) target the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR), which is found in about 80 percent of colorectal cancers. Currently, the most reliable way to predict whether a colorectal cancer patient will respond to the anti EGFR therapies is to test for specific activating mutations in the KRAS gene, which occur in 35-40% of colorectal cancers. About 60% of mCRC patient are diagnosed with wild type KRAS and therefore eligible for anti EGFR therapy. However only 55-60% of patients are EGFR therapy responders while 40-45% of patients are non-responders and do not obtain clinical benefit from these treatments. As the number of agents has increased, choosing the most effective treatment strategy has become increasingly complex and crucial. mCRC-STRAT™ mCRC-Strat™ is a semi quantitative IHC assay using a protein biomarker combination that can predict patient responses to drugs targeting Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR). The product is being developed in collaboration with a US partner. Candidate biomarkers capable to differentiate between mCRC responders versus non responders were selected by a unique bioinformatics methodology. To date a proportion of 40-45% of mCRC patients that are eligible for anti-EGFR therapy will not respond to the therapy. The mCRC-Strat is a companion test that intends to predict who will benefit from the anti-EGFR therapy. The use of such test would significantly reduce the cost of unnecessary and ineffective anti-EGFR treatments. At present, there are no effective tests for stratification of patients with metastatic CRC before EGFR treatment.