CIRCULATING RNA RNA is generally considered to be an unstable molecule that is subject to degradation and turnover by ubiquitous RNase activity. However, intact or partial RNAs of different types, including both protein- coding RNA (mRNA) and non-coding RNA (ncRNA) have been detected in circulation.As free RNA molecules are very likely to be degraded outside the cell, it is generally assumed that circulating RNAs are packaged in some form to avoid RNase degradation. Lipid vesicles, such as exosomes or microvesicles are one type of packaging system used by secreted RNAs. Circulating tumor nucleic acids in blood have been demonstrated to reflect the biologic characteristics of tumors and testing for the levels of these biomarkers is a new and exciting field that provide opportunities to establish non-invasive tests for detecting cancer.Because early detection is an important factor in reducing cancer mortality, the development of a sensitive, specific, and convenient diagnostic method for detecting CRC at a very early stage is an issue of utmost importance. Colon MarCarePlex™ - a multiple nucleic acid biomarker blood test for colorectal cancer (CRC). The Colon MarCarePlex™ is based on novel tumor biomarker combination specific for solid tumors emerging from epithelial cells. Colon-MarCarePlex™ - an accurate, patient-friendly colorectal cancer screening test. Fast results with no bowel preparation, no diet or medication restrictions, no handling of stool and at an affordable price. Colon-MarCarePlex™- molecular assay (qRT-PCR) comprising a panel of RNA markers that can detect the advanced adenoma polyps as well as early stage colorectal cancer. Colon-MarCarePlex™- measures the expression of several genes which serve as biomarkers (biological indicators) to detect colorectal cancer.